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Looking for diamond concentrates online in Canada? You’ve never seen a cannabis concentrate quite like this. A relative newcomer to the scene, diamond concentrates, otherwise known as THCA diamonds or THCA crystalline, is fittingly one of the prettiest forms of concentrated THC on the market. It’s also easily the most potent. That’s because it’s almost impossible to be more potent when your THC content can reach up to 99.9% percent. Now that’s what you call pure.

Diamond Extracts & Diamond Concentrates

Diamond is made by reducing THC to its purest state, which causes the product to crystallize. That results in a beautiful glowing appearance that’s so close to a precious gem could imagine Willie Nelson fitting some onto a ring and sliding it onto the finger of his bride-to-be. We don’t recommend that, though. Instead, we suggest you throw some diamond onto a heated dab nail or into your favorite vape and enjoy a highly potent ride to a rarely explored region of the THC experience.

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Multi Pack (Budder, Live Resin, Shatter, Crumble, Diamonds, Wax, Caviar) - 7g - 7 x 1g


Multi Pack (Budder, Live Resin, Shatter, Crumble, Diamonds, Wax, Caviar) - Quarter Pound - 4 x 28g


Multi Pack - Budder/Live Resin/Shatter/Crumble/Diamonds/Wax/Caviar - Pound - 16 x 28g

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What Are Diamond Concentrates?

Diamond concentrates are a type of cannabis extract known for their exceptionally high THC levels. You might also know them as THCA diamonds, crystalline, weed diamonds, or cannabis diamonds. These extracts are made using a complex extraction process to reduce THC to its purest state, resulting in a concentrated product that’s up to 99% THC.

Diamonds stand out due to their glowing amber appearance. Diamond concentrates come in crystalline form, making it easy to scoop a small dab for smoking, vaping, or dabbing purposes. You can buy diamond concentrates online and various indica, sativa, and hybrid strains are available.

Diamond Effects

The effects of weed diamonds are highly potent. You can expect an intense surge of euphoria and happiness, followed by deep waves of relaxation that spread throughout your body. You’re also likely to experience heightened senses, introspective thoughts, and boosted creativity. Indica diamonds are more physically relaxing whereas sativa diamonds are more mentally stimulating. Hybrid diamond strains can give you a mix of indica and sativa effects.

Diamond Medical Benefits

Diamond extracts are also great for medical marijuana users. The soothing physical effects of cannabis diamonds can help with chronic pain, inflammation, nausea, headaches, migraines, and other forms of physical distress. The uplifting mental effects of diamonds can help counteract symptoms of chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. Diamonds can also improve your sleep and boost your appetite, making them useful for those suffering from insomnia or appetite loss.

Diamonds or Shatter?

Should you use diamonds instead of shatter? Both of these products are potent cannabis concentrates and both offer intense physical and mental effects. Diamond concentrates generally have much higher THC levels, meaning they’ll give you a stronger high. With that said, shatter concentrates can still give you an excellent high and may be preferable for users who find the effects of diamonds too overwhelming.

Cannabis Diamonds or Cannabis Edibles?

Are cannabis diamonds better than cannabis edibles? These are two of the most powerful cannabis products out there and both can give you a phenomenal high. However, while the effects of diamonds usually hit you instantly wear off within a few hours, edibles can take up to 90 minutes to kick in and last for anywhere from 4 to 12 hours.

How To Use Diamond Extracts

Smoking Diamonds: You can mix diamond concentrates with cannabis flower in a joint or bowl if you want to smoke them. Simply fill your joint or bowl with ground weed before adding a small scoop of diamonds. This will enhance your high and give you an intense high.

Vaping Diamonds: Vaping THC diamonds is arguably the best option – this will bring out the flavor and potency of your extracts. Add a small scoop of diamond extracts to the chamber of a concentrate vaporizer or dab pen with a temperature of around 157 – 232°C (315 – 450°F) for smooth, potent vapor.

Dabbing Diamonds: You can also use cannabis diamonds with a dab rig. Heat the dab nail using a torch and apply a small dab of your chosen strain of THC diamonds. This will give you extremely powerful hits.

Buy BC Diamonds Online In Canada

You can buy BC diamonds online right here at West Coast Cannabis. Various indica, sativa, and hybrid diamond strains are available. Just sign up, add the products you want to your cart, and pay via one of our easy payment methods for convenient, discreet home delivery.

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