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Scout Master AAAA (Popcorn Nugs)


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Scout Master is great for daytime use, either alone or in the company of others. Its effects will elevate the mood and bring on a mental jolt, simultaneously melting away feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. At lower doses, a mild body buzz is also conducive to helping users relax, but with zero risk of melting into one’s couch. Scout Master energizes, helps with focus, and gives a creative boost to those seeking to remain productive, while it is also fun to enjoy while engaged in activities like hiking, or watching movies. Its medical uses include pain relief, help with nausea, ADD/ADHD, and appetite stimulation.

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Scout Master, also known as “Master Scout,” is a sativa dominant hybrid strain (75% sativa/25% indica) created through crossing the infamous Girl Scout Cookies X Master Kush strains. Like both of its parent strains, Scout Master packs a super potent high that is also medicinal in nature thanks to its high 24-28% average THC level. The high starts with a lifted effect that fills your cerebral state with pure happiness and ease, pushing out any negative or racing thoughts. As your mind settles into a state of focus and creativity, you’ll begin to feel a light physical relaxation wash over you, leaving you completely calm in body without causing any sort of sedation in the slightest. With these effects and its high 24-28% average THC level, Scout Master is often said to be perfect for treating those suffering from conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, depression, nausea, ADD or ADHD, appetite loss, and chronic pain. This bud has a sweet and spicy citrus woody flavor with hints of sour pine upon exhale. The aroma is of sour citrus and rich earth with a spicy overtone that builds the more you toke. Scout Master buds have dense grape-shaped olive green sticky nugs with dark amber hairs and a coating of frosty tiny white crystal trichomes.

Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 75% Sativa / 25% Indica

THC: 24-28%

Common Usage: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Appetite Loss, Chronic Pain, Depression, Nausea, Stress

Effects: Cerebral, Creative, Energizing, Focus, Hungry, Relaxing


1g, Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarters (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz), Full Pound (16 Oz)

6 reviews for Scout Master AAAA (Popcorn Nugs)

  1. Ronald Fitzp. (verified owner)

    very happy with this purchase. I was able to get quite a decent amount. killer deal

  2. DiamondHands (verified owner)

    Potent AF, some killer stuff guys

  3. ironmen (verified owner)

    Good for mental boost during the day, i find its best to smoke mid-day when gas starts running out lol. Another quality strain by a quality company!

  4. Ipullupthenispray (verified owner)

    Amazing deal for quality bud. I liked it so much I smoked the whole thing in a week.

  5. joker204 (verified owner)

    Some good quality Quad popcorn. for a !00$ this is a steal

  6. dontdodrugskids (verified owner)

    My favrite popcorn thus far, Im more of a day smoker so this is perfect for me.

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