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5 Ways To Ensure Your Dabbing Experience Is Superb & Efficient

Wondering what to expect for your first time dabbing? Consuming dabs is a new type of experience even for those who have smoked cannabis for years. So what should you expect for your first time? Should you even try dabbing?

You are probably familiar with the fact that dabs are stronger than regular flowers and edibles. They have been referred to by some as the “crack of weed” as they recount how they have accidentally gotten too high during their last encounter with the rig. 

The dabbing setup can be intimidating, especially when seeing it for the first time. Blowtorches, weird glassware, dab tools and other accessories make the process seem like a chemistry lab experiment, but the setup is probably the best indicator of what’s to come. So what should you expect for your first time dabbing?

In this guide, we tell you what to expect when dabbing the first time and give you some tips on how to do it right and avoid some of the pitfalls beginners fall in.

Weed Flower High Vs Dabbing High, Is There A Difference?image of cannabis flower weed and shatter THC concentrates for sale. buy weed online dispensary canada.

Is cannabis bud high the same as dabs high? Well, that depends. First, Dabbing is the best way to smoke cannabis concentrates. And as the word suggests, dabs are concentrated cannabis, meaning they contain high quantities of THC, other cannabinoids and terpenes.

Dabs typically contain 60%-90% THC. Compare this to the 15%-25% THC content in regular flowers. Even the highest potency strains that test at 30%+ THC can’t match up. 

Then there are the terpenes. Unlike flowers, dabbing doesn’t involve combustion. This means the terpenes are preserved and delivered in the vapour. Dabs may also deliver more terpenes than buds, and if you know anything about terpenes, you know they can affect how high you get.

Consumers describe dabbing high as clear-headed but intense, so don’t expect hallucinations or passing out in the lawn, at least if you do it correctly.

5 Things To Expect For Your First Time Dabbing

1. Incredible Taste

Inhaling the concentrated THC vapour has a completely different flavour to smoking flower. It’s like nothing else you have smoked. 

Dabs are typically infused with cannabis-derived terpenes, and depending on the type of product you have, they may have more terpenes than buds. The flavour is bound to be incredible. But another factor contributing to the better flavour is how the dab rig works.

Dabbing, unlike smoking, doesn’t burn the concentrate. Instead, it vaporizes it. Dabbing at lower temperatures doesn’t burn the terpenes and, therefore, delivers better results and flavour.

2. Instant Highwoman relaxing at home after dabbing concentrates. purchase weed online dispensary cannabis canada west coast cannabis

Dabs are way more potent than buds so expect a strong, instant high. As we’ve mentioned before, cannabis concentrates can be 4 to 6 times more potent than flowers. Combined with the fact that THC is immediately absorbed on reaching the lungs, you can expect the effects to kick in shortly after exhaling.

Tired of waiting for your high? Dabbing is the best way to consume cannabis concentrates.

3. You May Cough

Ask anyone who has dabbed before. The vapour is smooth, so don’t expect it to tear your throat out, but you may cough on the exhale. We say “may” because you may avoid coughing by lowering the temperature you are dabbing at and how deeply you inhale.

However, if you dab at very high temperatures, the vapour may not be the smoothest, and you may feel like you are about to purge your lungs out. If you do, drink some water and don’t panic, it will stop soon.

4. The Realization That You Are Way Too High

Yes, you can mitigate this by taking the smallest piece of wax, shatter or whatever concentrate you are using. But if you are a first-time dabber but an experienced smoker, you will most likely be overconfident and think you can stack up the way you do flower. 

And you know what comes next? The realization that you are way too high! Fortunately, you cannot overdose on weed, but overconsumption will lead to uncomfortable highs.

As a first-time dabber, dose your concentrate carefully and if you get too high, just stop taking more and ride it out.

5. Becoming One With The Couchwoman locked into the couch after smoking a dab. order weed online in canada.

That’s where all first-time dabbers end up. So high that you don’t know where your body ends and where the couch starts. Depending on the strain you are taking, dabbing is likely to hit you hard with the couch-lock effect.

We recommend that you clear your schedule and keep everything you might need within reach. Don’t expect to accomplish much after taking a perfect dab. You will probably get munchies and feel thirsty so keep your snacks and water near.

5 Tips And Guidance For Your First Time Dabbing

Now that you know what to expect when dabbing for the first time, what can you do to improve your experience?

1. Try It In A Safe Place With Trusted Friends

Dabs are potent THC concentrates that will get you way higher than regular joints. So when taking a dab for the first time, ensure you are in a comfortable place where you can chill out until the high goes down.

Be with trusted friends who won’t talk you into taking more than you should. It’s also your first time. You don’t have to prove yourself.

2. Start Slow And Go Slow

Start slow and go slow mantra has been used to the point of being a cliché, but it’s absolutely necessary when you are taking your first dab. THC concentrates can be up to 6 times more potent than regular flowers, so start with a small half-rice-grain piece and don’t be tempted to take more immediately after.

3. Buy High-Quality Weed Concentrates Onlinewoman shopping to buy weed online in canada from the best online dispensary

Don’t let a poor quality dab ruin dabbing for you. Ensure you only buy high-quality weed from reputable online dispensaries in Canada. Only order weed online if you are sure it’s safe for consumption and doesn’t contain solvent residues.

West Coast Cannabis is Canada’s top online dispensary that stocks the tastiest dabs from different strains. Order weed online from us today, and we’ll deliver it to you anywhere in the country.

4. Don’t Burn Your Fingers!image saying don't set yourself on fire! buy weed online in canada at west coast cannabis online dispensary

When dabbing, you will be regularly using a blowtorch, so keep in mind the high temperatures involved and that every tool involved can be hot for minutes after use. Ensure you avoid the torch flames and don’t touch the nail until it completely cools down to avoid dab-related burns.

5. Don’t Overheat The Dabs

Dabbing with the nail too hot can produce harsh vapour in addition to ruining the terpenes. So let the nail cool down for the recommended duration before dabbing away. Low-temperature dabs produce the best flavour.

Give Dabbing A Try. Seriously. Do It

If used correctly, dabs will change your life. Dabbing delivers an intense body high, is cleaner than smoking, and has smoother hits. Don’t let the setup intimidate you, just give it a try, and you won’t regret it.

Just ensure you have cleared your schedule for the rest of the evening, have everything you need nearby, stay hydrated and dab away!

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